Welcome to the Lone Worker App page, where we can help your organisation look after and keep our staff force safe at all times using our brand new 'Lone Worker Mobile Phone Application'

The App works simply and can help provide your staff with not only the peace of mind that they can raise the alarm in the event of an emergency, but also with confidence that they receive assistance in just the press of a button on their mobile phone.

The App is already live and working with Housing Association clients and is incredible value for money, so if Lone Working is something you are looking to improve today, please let us know as we would be happy to help.  

Welcome to 'The Lone Worker App'...

With quick and easy access, you can log in, create Lone Working sessions and be supported and protected straight away


Our team are on hand at any time you require assistance and a raised alarm will prompt an immediate tracking of your location, call to your mobile phone and then a back-end update to your colleagues.   

If there is a false alarm, it's no problem, your staff will have the chance to close down the alarm before our team escalate it further 

"We have been using the Lone Working App for a while now and have had a few alarms raised, all of which have thankfully been false alarms, but just having that peace of mind that someone is there at the click of a button is incredible - it's the fastest response we could have hoped for and I'm sure if there is ever a genuine emergency, our staff will be in the right hands with ASB Operations!

T. Brooke

Housing Manager 

For a video conference walk through of the Lone Worker App, or if you are interested in trailing the service for free for up to 30 days, please contact us today on 0800 075 66 99.  

Click here to download our Lone Worker App e-Brochure