About The ASB App...

'The ASB App' is a brand new evidence gathering tool which helps people experiencing issues of anti social behaviour, continue to monitor their case.  The App is directly linked with the Case Officer responsible for dealing with the matter, giving the professionals a live feed of everything that is reported, 24/7.    

The ASB App is available for victims of anti social behaviour but is also available to staff to use when they are out in the field investigating and working on cases.  The ASB App does not just monitor:


  • Photographs

  • Video

  • Noise recordings

  • Diary sheet



ASB Operations - Director

Ben Hunt

I started ASB Operations back in 2010, working with just an handful of Housing Associations.


We are now proud to work with over 50 Associations across the UK covering everything from ASB casework to training to Lone Working services - we really do now offer the all round package when it comes to Housing and especially anti social behaviour!

The ASB App has been an idea we have been working on for a few years now and actually came about after residents using our Respect Line service wanted more than just a round the clock phone number. We introduced a text and email service as part of the Respect Line service and since then, The ASB App has been on the cards as a natural progression to help residents monitor and report issues of anti social behaviour.


The Respect Line offers residents the opportunity to call our out of hours team to report anti social behaviour and speak with a trained member of staff about the issues they are experiencing, when their housing offices are closed - the ASB App takes that process even further and allows residents themselves to take control of what and when they report issues.

ASB Operations is a fairly small company working with lots of different Housing Associations all over the UK, dealing with anti social bahaviour of all different types, so we appreciate what is required for a case to be moved forward and we also appreciate what residents want and need into order to feel safe and secure in their own homes.  The ASB App has been designed with all of this in mind and is a instantly developing project.  So, in essence, if you would like to see The ASB App do more, or something different, we can and will make that happen for you!  

Diary Sheets have been a thorn in the side for many landlords over the years, getting them back on time, having them contain all the relevant information and even getting them back at all is sometimes wishful thinking, so having The ASB App in place allows practitioners to keep their finger on the pulse at all times, round the clock. 

The Government have been saying for years that landlords need to make reporting ASB easier as well as ensuring that their services are easily accessible to residents...The ASB App does just that and so much more. 

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