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Housing Training Services

Choose from our vast range of training courses and one off sessions relating to;

  • Anti Social Behaviour, Customer Services, Equality & Diversity,

  • Diversity & Inclusion, Housing Officer & ASB Officer training workshops,

  • Single Equality Bill, Disability Awareness

  • Access Audits, Equality Impact Assessments, Welcoming Disabled Customers

  • Employing Disabled Staff, Mystery Shopper

As you know, we specialise in the area of ASB Training, so please call us for further information ensuring we put together the best package for you!

ASB Casework

The ASB Operations Team are vastly experienced in dealing with ASB cases and we can work with your Housing Team to assist with those difficult to handle/time consuming cases, for a fixed fee.  We work on Possession cases and Injunction cases mainly, but will consider all aspects of casework to assist.  

We also offer fixed-rate legal fees as part of the cases we work on, so as to always ensure you do not get hit with hiking legal fees throughout your cases!

Call us today on 0800 075 6699 for further information!

Interactive Drama Training

Help bring your staff and resident training workshops to life with the use of our interactive drama training sessions.  


Whether you want to bring topics like Anti Social Behaviour or Customer Service to life or if you are just looking to spice up your sessions, this approach really does work brilliantly.

Half day sessions from just £475 and Full Day sessions from just £875

Call us today on 0800 075 6699 for further information!

Witness Statement service

If you are looking to gather witness statement evidence of any kind as part of your ASB casework, we have a team of experienced professionals on hand to assist with this.  We offer both an hourly fee service or a fixed fee W/S fee, so call us today to discuss which option will be best for your Association.

With the recent budget cuts, it may be that you choose to opt for this service rather than our full casework service.

We always aim to interview, draft and send witness statements within 48 hours of referral, making it easy for you to move forward with your casework quickly, without delay.

ASB Consultency work

ASB Operations are vastly experienced in carrying out ASB consultancy projects for Housing Associations and Local Authorities - if you are looking to streamline your service or looking at ways you can save money or identify ways to improve the overall service, call us today to see how we can be of help.

We have recent references for all of our consultancy projects, all of which are incredibly positive, so we are happy to provide these to you ahead of starting any new projects.


If you are looking for a new Mediation provider, look no further! our neighbourhood resolution sessions start from just £250, so we can hit the ground running for you immediately and help to try and prevent your neighbourhood disputes from escalating further.  

We also work on a week to week basis for our mediation sessions, so there will be no delays in starting your sessions, wherever they may be across the UK!

Witness Support Network

We are incredibly proud of our Witness Support Network project, which works right across the UK.  We work with 'ASB Champions' who have lived and breathed ASB, to help support others going through those experiences in live cases.

We specialise in being able to provide group support meetings, one-on-one support and a removed telephone support service which is linked with our wider reaching Respect Line service.

We also have received a recent grant for match funding for our Witness Support Network project, so if this is an approach you are interested in exploring further, call us today to see how we can assist - it may not even cost you a penny!   

Professional Witness Service

If you are looking for a professional witness service to help gather some concrete evidence for ASB cases you are working on, our experienced team can help for either a fixed case fee or an hourly rate.  

Our court attendance is also free as part of the professional witness service, bringing extra value for you.  

Call us today on 0800 075 66 99 for further information.

Security & CCTV

Let us assist with sourcing, fitting and monitoring CCTV cameras at your high risk schemes, as well as offering quality, experienced and trained security staff working 24 hours a day if required.  

Be sure to check out our new online store too, which contains lots of great deals on security cameras, panic alarms, security lighting and so much more!  

Our 24/7 call centre function also operates a CCTV monitoring service, covering multiple high risk sites in the Midlands.  This function is linked closely with our Lone Working service, so we have staff on hand round the clock to respond to and escalate emergencies if they ever happen.    

We are also proud to now offer static security services, working around the clock to ensure your high-risk schemes and areas are safe and secure - this service is available for a little as just £9.99 per hour round the clock, including weekends and bank holidays.

Please also ensure that you visit our on-line store, where we can assist with CCTV cameras, target hardening tools and lots of other useful preventative measures.   

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