Maintenance Call-Handling service...

We are proud to present our new out of hours maintenance and repairs call handling service, which is already live and running with a number of Associations across the midlands.  


Our team pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer services, as well as trying to save our clients money wherever possible, only ever sending out contractors for genuine emergency jobs to name just one way.   

If this is an area your Association are interested in finding more about, we would be happy to put together a proposal for you, including costs and service outline.  

We are also committed to always beating our competitors on price and service in this area!

Call us today on 0800 075 66 99 for further information and a proposal.  

Customer Feedback & Profiling...

If you are looking to gain feedback from your customers or complete customer profiling projects, we can most definitely help!

Our team of expert cal handlers are available evenings and weekends, so making contact with your customers is not a problem for us, as we have the flexibility to call them when they are more than likely at home and available.  

We have, for many of our clients, improved the level of feedback by over 200% in some cases, so outsourcing this kind of project to us can save you time and money.  

As with most of our projects, we always try to save our clients money wherever we can, so we are committed to beating any other quote you get for these types of projects, as well as offering you a smaller trial for free, if you so wish.  

Call us today for further discussions about how we can start getting feedback from your customers - 0800 075 6699.  

24-hour call centre...

ASB Operations have a expertly manned 24-hour call centre function, ready to start taking your calls today.  Our teams are dedicated to whichever service they cover, with the maintenance and repairs service and the Respect Line service working independently, specialising in their own field.  

We have never been a fan of the 'one size fits all' approach to call handling, especially when it comes to areas such as anti social behaviour and repairs out of hours, they are specialist areas and we have structured our teams to reflect this in our level of service.  

So, whether you are looking for our round the clock team to cover general enquiry calls for your Associations during the day or if you are looking for a dedicated maintenance and repairs service out of hours...we can help and hit the ground running for you straight away!